Online dermatology training: Bringing new horizons to primary care
Bringing New Horizons
to Primary Care
Teaching primary care providers
essential dermatology skills.
Don't Refer
Keep dermatology patients in-house!
Healthier Patients,
Healthier Practices
Master common dermatologic procedures and
effectively treat your patients in your practice.
Become a Skilled
Dermatology Provider
Successfully identify, diagnose and treat
dermatologic conditions.
Build Practice
Increase practice income with
dermatology services.
Primary care physicians and providers can learn dermatology

What is Derm for Primary Care?

DFPC is an online training program developed for primary care providers that teaches how to identify, diagnose and treat common skin problems that routinely present to a primary care practice.

Why will it be successful for a primary care practice?

Through visual learning, Derm for Primary Care emphasizes identification and pattern recognition to make the correct diagnosis. It stresses problem solving and disease management, and utilizes real patient clinical scenarios – including examples of patients who don’t improve, what to change and why.

After taking this training, PCPs will be able to treat patients with skin issues, increasing practice revenue by treating existing patients and attracting new patients with services other practices don't offer.

Meet Your Patient's Dermatology Needs

How to meet your patient's dermatology needs

There is a growing shortage of dermatologists, with only about 3.6 practicing dermatologists for every 100,000 people in the U.S. With skin cancer on the rise and Baby Boomers getting older, the demand for dermatological expertise has never been greater.

As the first line of defense in a patient’s healthcare, primary care providers who offer competent dermatologic care can better serve their patients and reduce unnecessary referrals.

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Learn From Expert Dermatologist, Dr. Kent

David E. Kent, MD

Derm for Primary Care founder, Dr. David E. Kent – a seasoned dermatologist and avid teacher, has been training general practice physicians and mid-level providers how to quickly grasp dermatologic facts, concepts and procedures for more than 20 years. Medical students, primary care residents and PA students regularly train in his office.

Derm for Primary Care brings Dr. Kent's practice-based instruction to PCPs and MLPs everywhere. Sharing insider tips, Dr. Kent shows you how to think like a dermatologist as you go through scores of clinical scenarios from his practice.